観客300人が体感した感動を、そして観たくても観られなかった方も、是非、このDVD で体感を味わってみよう!



  私たちは、デフパフォーマーやデフダンサーを現在、募集受付しております。また手話 のできる聴者、ろう者をサポートする聴者の方も歓迎いたします。






 応募方法は、下記のEメールアドレス先に件名「出演募集に関する問い合わせ」と明記  し、ご出演者の自己紹介とこれまで経験したパフォーマンスのビデオや写真をお送りく ださい。追って担当者よりご連絡させていただきます。尚、自薦・他薦は問いません。
 連絡先Eメール : jdao.info@gmail.com


 問い合わせ先Eメール : jdao.info@gmail.comまでにお問い合わせください。


Japan Deaf Artists Osaka Theatre
 Japan Deaf Artists Osaka (JDAO) is Osaka city, Japan-based cultural institution serving as a  
 model for deaf theatre worldwide. 
 JDAO premiered in 2013 and runs annually for once or twice in a year. We are pleased to invite 
 performance projects for the Deaf from around the world to JDAO event, in the hope that JDAO
 be a host and a platform for up-and-coming performers in 2017. 
 ◎Schedule and Venues 
 March - December, 2017 (will respond to the consultation) 
 Osaka City, Japan 
 ◎Qualifications for application  
 ・Over 18 years old 
 ・Performers or dancers who has been performing at theatre for the Deaf, which include visual,
 gesture, sign language or deaf performers planning to show at the stage by those artists can
 also submit an application. (Any nationality, Deaf, Hearing welcome).
 ◎Details of Recruitment 
 JDAO held at local venues in Osaka (solo and group shows are welcomed.) 
 Performance show have to run for at least for once a day. 
 ・JDAO does not provide a visa fee for applicants 
 ・We provide a free airline ticket for round trip(It depends on number of people). 
 ・We provide a free accommodation, meals and ground transportation within 3 days. 
 ・Applicants must bear all expenses for running their own trip except for this 3 days. 
 ・Applicant's insurance will not be paid by JDAO. 
 ◎How to apply 
 Please contact at jdao.info@gmail.com